GLISPA in Action

GLISPA in Action

GLISPA has a proven track record in fostering and supporting ambitious, locally championed movements across a wide swathe of geographical boundaries and diverse political realities. Our tried and trusted partnership model is durable, sustainable and implementable and we are proud supporters of these landmark initiatives:

The Local2030 Islands Network

Islands are a source of sustainable innovation and inspiration.

Our geographies give rise to unique cultures and communities with indigenous and local knowledge, systems thinking, and connection to place. The Local2030 Islands Network is the world’s first global, island-led network devoted to advancing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals through locally-driven, culturally-informed solutions.

Facing the direct impact of climate change on the front line, islands are uniquely positioned to lead the world in the transition towards a resilient, sustainable future at the water-energy-food nexus.

The Local2030 Islands Network is our blueprint to getting there. For Islands, by Islands.

Much of our work in the previous decade has culminated in the formation of the Local2030 Islands Network, where GLISPA serves as the co-secretariat alongside our member, Hawai'i Green Growth. 

This flagship initiative is the cornerstone for achieving our 2030 Strategy.


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