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"Islands are leading innovative solutions for the necessity of our people’s and country’s survival. Strong partnerships are critical to making these solutions a reality. I call on you to join our Global Island Partnership to work together to build resilient and sustainable island communities."

H.E. Tommy E. Remengesau Jr.,
Founder of the Global Island Partnership and Former President of Palau

Why Islands?

Islands are unique, diverse and vulnerable.  They are important early indicators of the common challenges facing our global community. Island communities feel the impacts from natural disasters, climate change, overconsumption and other global changes more intensely, as these changes jeopardize their food, water, health and economic security.  Today, many islands are demonstrating global leadership and rapid progress in addressing these challenges and inspiring others around the world.

  • Earth's 175,000 islands are home to more than 600 million inhabitants 
  • Islands and their oceans represent one sixth of Earth's total area
  • Islands are home to more than half the world's marine biodiversity
  • 7 of the world's 10 coral reef hotspots are islands
  • 10 of the 34 richest areas of biodiversity in the world are on islands

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